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My Philosophy as an London Architectural Photographer

Why hire a architectural photographer in London?

FROZENmusic Photography is a London architectural photographer with a proven track record of providing high quality commercial architecture photography images. Whether you’re involved in construction or mangement of buildings and property I provide building photography to the highest standard. Working as a London building photographer means combining my technical expertise and camera knowledge with a creative eye. This enables me to create stunning images of buildings and spaces.

The benefits of working with architectural photographer here in London are manifold:

I relieve you from all the hassle and stress of having to attempt (& probably fail) yourself. Experience means understanding what the best light to shoot in is & the best angles Too. This means I showcase your buildings, constructions and real estate off to their best. I work specific to your brief taking into account your target audience too.

I am not just limited to London architectural photography either. 

Real estate photography outside London?

No problem. Whatever & wherever your brief that requires an experienced  creative architecture photographer I am here to help. As I share with you my experience as a freelance property photographer it will help create the right visual solution. Make sure that you factor in building & construction photography into your budget. This will ensure that you can get more work in the future.

Don’t allow poor real estate photography to let your business down. Have you looked at the property photography in your local estate agent on your high street or online? Can you tell the difference between an amateur with converging or diverging vertical lines and a professional freelance property photographer?  Be honest with yourself. Which type of image creates the best impression? The one poorly lit from an akward angle or the image shot by the professional? If you are creating a brochure, looking to sell real estate & property would you just whip out your phone and snap away?  Why not employ the services of someome experienced in providing commercial architecture photography to their clients?

Put simply professional real estate photography adds value to the property and makes it easier to do business.


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How I work with clients

1. Receive brief

2. liase with client

3. Plan & prepare for shoot

4. Shoot images for client

5. Send client first edit for review & selection

6. Edit images

7. Send final images to client

What My Clients say

“Martin has the ability to get just the right image for the moment, something a little different that brings an image to life, with a angle or light you don’t expect, anyone can take a picture, it takes a special talent to make something memorable !”

Phillip - Bulman Booth

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